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Articles for the Jewelry Trade

Both Diana Jarrett and Marlene Murphy, the team leaders at Jewelry Website Designers are excellent communicators with clients before, during and after the site construction process. Their availability and willingness to share critical information has made JWD the most recommended jewelry website developer in the trade.

But they also share their expertise via published articles with jewelry / gem tradespeople to help them succeed in business. A broad sampling of Jarrett's published work can be found on her website---free to download and save; http://dianajarrett.com/portfolio.html

Some of Murphy's most sought-after tech-related topics are gathered here from previously published articles and are thought provoking for those wanting to ensure their website remains a vital sales tool today.

What a Difference a Decade Makes

In the last decade, JWD has seen abundant changes in the industry, how our trade moves product, and of course how the internet itself has evolved.

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First Date

You've got one chance to make that sensational first impression. Learn how to really connect with your core customer.

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News Flash

Some apps languishing on your website may be so outdated that they send the wrong message about your business. Let's change all that.

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Sites to See

Visitors can stop by your website. But do you give them a reason to stay? Here's how.

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What's New with Websites

The internet is a fast moving and ever evolving phenom. Are you keeping up with these changes?

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Making Your Website Work

SEO and other tools push your website to the fore. Learn what are your best allies in creating a top-performing website.

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Ask Yourself

Like much in life, we're more in charge of things when we maintain a proactive stance. Here are some steps you can take to check up on your website.

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Looking for Something?

Why presenting your online inventory in an intuitive format is essential.

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Can we Talk

Let's focus on all the ways a good website can connect with visitors. There are valuable tools you can use to ramp up the conversion rate from looky-loo to loyal customer.

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